DEPOPULATION: Democrat candidate wants to tax you for having more than two children, but an unlimited number of illegals are invited to cross the border unimpeded

If you haven’t yet heard the name Scott Wallace, all you really need to know is that it’s synonymous with evil. We’re talking about Scott Wallace, the Democrat congressional candidate from Pennsylvania who maintains that parents of more than two children are “irresponsible breeders” deserving of higher taxes.

This wealthy, privileged, long-time advocate of population control has already spent millions of dollars pushing these and other anti-population growth agendas, including massive donations both to the National Organization for Women (NOW) and aborted baby body parts dealer Planned Parenthood.

Between 1997 and 2003, Wallace forked out $420,000 to a group known as Population Connection (formerly known as Zero Population Growth, or ZPG), the goal of which has been, for many decades, to push more abortion as a way to “stabilize population growth.”

A 1968 pamphlet issued by then-ZPG explains that “no responsible family should have more than two children.” Any family that does, the brochure adds, “should be taxed to the hilt for the privilege of irresponsible breeding.”

In 2010, Wallace’s “Wallace Global Fund” has also donated to the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy, or CASSE, an environmental group that sees economic growth as undesirable. Instead, CASSE would rather see an economy marked by “stable or mildly fluctuating levels,” including equal birth and death rates.

When an economy is in a state of stagnancy, CASSE maintains, this means that it is “maturing.” CASSE’s ultimate goal is to see as few new births as possible, and would like to see things like “reproduction licenses” issued by the government, similar to what communist China currently has in place, that limit the number of babies that parents can have.

Wallace himself has three adult children – maybe he wants to abort one of them?

When confronted with questions about his authoritarian platform, Wallace’s campaign communications director, Zoe Wilson-Meyer, sidestepped the issue entirely and focused instead on Wallace’s support for murdering unborn children in the womb.

“The Wallace Global Fund has for decades been a leader in helping women gain access to family planning,” Wilson-Meyer stated, as quoted by The Daily Wire.

“Former Co-Chair Scott Wallace is proud of the work of grantees like Planned Parenthood in empowering women and protecting reproductive rights and will stand up for Pennsylvania women.”

You really can’t make this stuff up, but it’s important to note that Wallace himself is an “irresponsible breeder,” seeing as how he has three adult children, according to his campaign website.

There’s 36-year-old Johanna, a social media consultant in Buffalo, New York; 35-year-old Astra, a lawyer and corporate-marketing executive who owns a chain of rock-climbing gyms around Philadelphia; and 22-year-old Robert, a composer and pianist studying at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

If Wallace is to remain consistent in his candidacy platform, then he really has to abort one of them – so which one is it going to be, Mr. Wallace?

Meanwhile, Wallace and his fellow Democrats continue to support unlimited illegal immigration, as they push for families from south of the border – some with dozens of “undocumented” children – to be allowed limitless entry into the United States. Presumably, none of them will be charged the “irresponsible breeding” taxes that hypocrites like Wallace wants to impose on American families.

Keep in mind that Wallace is an aggressive supporter of abortion, having issued a statement recently arguing that it’s “more important than ever” to make sure that Planned Parenthood thrives because of “the great value they deliver to the women of America.”

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