TWISTED: College “doula” training teaches students to support women during ABORTIONS, not childbirth

Death-loving leftists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst recently hosted a workshop on campus for people interested in providing emotional support for pregnant women – but not for those actually planning to deliver their unborn babies.

No, the “Spring Abortion Doula Training” workshop, as it was dubbed, was designed specifically to teach people how to provide emotional support for pregnant women who intend to murder their unborn children with an abortion.

A Facebook description of the event reveals that the purpose of the workshop was to teach individuals what it means to be a “doula,” defining this as someone who “provides emotional, informational, and physical support to another person during a potentially tough experience.”

Since allowing a “doctor” to stab an unborn child in the head with scissors, ripping its little body limb from limb while sucking it out of the womb with a vacuum, can be traumatic to the “mother” who opts for this Hitlerian procedure, having a doula present can sometimes help to relieve the inevitable guilt that accompanies murdering innocent life.

“In this training, you will learn about abortion and birth control procedures, reproductive justice, and many many (sic) emotional support techniques,” reads a brief description by the Doula Association of Reproductive Loss and Abortion (DARLA), the organization that put on the workshop.

Interest in coddling female murderers of the unborn was apparently so great at Umass Amherst that the two-day event quickly reached “full capacity,” according to DARLA, which plans to hold another training workshop in the future to teach even more people how to offer “emotional, physical, spiritual, and informational support” to baby-murderers.

Leftists hijack the term doula to push their evil pro-death, pro-murder agenda

In case you didn’t know, the term doula has traditionally been used to describe a person who provides emotional support during pregnancy and birth, not pregnancy followed by termination of a still-in-the-womb child that has hands, legs, fingers, toes, and a beating heart. A doula is a facilitator of life, in other words, not a soothsayer of death.

But once again, the cult of leftism has hijacked the term and redefined it to include female killers who just couldn’t bother to be responsible enough to prevent a pregnancy and now selfishly desire to end the lives of the tiny humans that live inside their wombs. It’s degeneracy at its worst, and represents exactly how leftists think and operate when it comes to promoting so-called “reproductive justice,” which is really just reproductive debauchery.

But the leftist mantra of “do as thou wilt,” which comes straight from the religion of satanism, sees nothing wrong with appropriating the English language in order to whitewash the many evils that characterize modern liberal doctrine. Murdering unborn children suddenly becomes a “woman’s choice,” just as a word used to describe people helping pregnant women deliver their babies suddenly gets switched to define “angels of death” who try to make pregnant murderers feel good about terminating unborn life.

Even death-loving satanists like Lauren Mitchell, an abortion-lover from Manhattan who also teaches people how to be abortion doulas, admits that real human life is ended during an abortion, and that abortion doulas need to be prepared for this. Mitchell also says that, despite having to watch that human life be physically torn apart, she’s “all in” in support of the procedure, as well as in having other people provide support to the person having the abortion.

“I’m not sure it would be possible to come up with a better illustration of how unspeakably evil is the work of abortion doulas than those words,” writes John Janson for the Pro-Life Action League about Mitchell’s statements in this regard.

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