The economics of the abortion industry: Save money through depopulation, make profit through sale of baby parts to medical industry for experiments and vaccines

A shocking new video lays out a diabolical, multi-decade scheme to exterminate the black population in the United States, an agenda that has largely been embraced by the Democratic Party and others on the “progressive” Left.

Via abortion, blacks are essentially being exterminated systematically, as statistics demonstrate: Not only is abortion more dominant in black communities, but for every black baby born, three are killed via the procedure.

It is, as one African-American pundit called it, “genocide.”

Via the primary abortion organization in America — the inaccurately named “Planned Parenthood, which was started by eugenics fan Margaret Sanger in the 1920s specifically to target the black community — minorities are being killed at such an alarming rate that one expert said American blacks are the only demographic on earth not replacing itself.

“The goal: To rid the country of the feeble-minded, defectives,” Sanger has been quoted as saying.

Said one pundit: “If they [the powers that be] can keep certain segments of the population from reproducing, then all of the world’s problems would disappear.”

In the video, titled, “The Science Agenda to Exterminate Blacks,” Natural News founder Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, documents the pattern of heavy metals poisoning, medical experimentation, organ harvesting, covert fertility task forces and other tactics that seek to eliminate blacks from our planet.

He notes that abortion centers are predominantly set up in areas of cities where blacks are the majority demographic, and always under the guise of wanting to ‘serve the minority community’ with ‘reproductive rights’ and ‘health care.’

“Abortion marketing is more aggressive toward black communities than it is toward white communities,” Adams said. “The Planned Parenthood/abortion industry needs a steady supply of black women getting pregnant and wanting to terminate those pregnancies in order for them to be able to harvest [fetal] tissue and organs via partial-birth abortions, which are almost all black babies.”

While Planned Parenthood and supporters of the organization say that harvested organs and tissues are summarily used for “research” — and no doubt some are — many baby body parts are sold for profit, as an undercover media sting by the Center for Medical Progress proved a couple of years ago, via a series of released videos.

And many of those tissues, Adams says, are sold to vaccine makers, which they use to grow “biomass for vaccines.”

He pointed out that Natural News has reported on the ingredients lists of some of the most common vaccines — like the flu vaccine and chicken pox vaccines, which clearly state they use “human diploid cell cultures” and “human embryonic lung cell cultures” from aborted babies. (Related: SICKO: California State Sen. Richard Pan caught on video LYING about aborted human fetal cell tissue used in vaccines.)

Adams reported in March:

Every individual or organization that tells you chicken pox vaccines are not made with human fetal tissue cell lines is engaged in science denialism.

It is an irrefutable science fact that varicella (chicken pox) vaccines are made with not just aborted human fetal tissue cell lines, but also cells take [sic] from guinea pigs and cows. In effect, a chicken pox vaccine is a multi-species blood and tissue cocktail of DNA and chemicals being mainlined into your tissue and blood.

And again, he says, most of that tissue “comes predominantly from black babies.”

“So it’s not just that abortion centers are set up mostly in predominantly black communities to reduce the population numbers of black children…but it’s also those black children are having their organs harvested in order to make vaccines that are injected into other babies.”

Adams continues to lay out in great detail this alarming and disturbing plot to kill off the black community or, at a minimum, prevent it from getting any larger. Watch below or click here.

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