JUNK SCIENCE: Climate change alarmists now claim global warming will overheat pregnant women and kill their babies… but ABORTION is completely ignored

Many pregnant women find suffering through a hot summer unbearable, but the reward of having a child makes up for some months of discomfort. Most expectant mothers simply chalk it up to being part of pregnancy. In some parts of the world, however, comforts like air conditioning or even a glass of cold water are hard to come by, so scientists set out to determine if the effects of high temperatures on a pregnant woman also extend to her baby.

A systematic review of research articles outlining the health impact of heat-related exposure on pregnant women was carried out by researchers from the Milken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University. The studies showed that exposure to extreme temperatures can have a negative effect on birth outcomes. In particular, it can cause changes in birth weight or the length of gestation, stillbirth, and neonatal stress when temperatures are unusually high. The researchers said that expectant mothers’ unique vulnerabilities to heat need to form part of public health policy, and they added that the dangers are particularly pronounced in cases where pregnant women do not have good access to prenatal care.

This coincides with earlier findings outlined by the World Bank that show exposure to unusually hot temperatures during at least one month of pregnancy can reduce the probability of a baby being born at full term by 0.5 percentage points. They also cite a study that found that babies born to mothers who were exposed to extremely elevated temperatures during their second or third trimester weighed 7 to 11 grams less than other babies.

Now the George Washington University scientists are calling for further research into the ways that climate change impacts the health of expectant mothers and neonatal outcomes. They even want uniform standards to be set for assessing the heat’s effects on maternal fetal health.

Concern for babies only emerges when it furthers their cause

All of this seems like a convenient excuse to get people on board the global warming scare train. Any time a study like this comes out, there is always a segment of climate change alarmists who will use it to promote their own agenda. Many of the same people who are now acting outraged that global warming is killing babies have no problem with the likes of Planned Parenthood killing babies with beating hearts who are delivered during abortions. Where is the outrage over these babies’ faces being dissected to procure their brains and sell them for profit? Where are all the defenders of babies when Planned Parenthood pressures women into abortions using tactics like telling them how expensive diapers and car seats are so that they can meet quotas and win pizza parties and paid time off?

This concern for other people’s babies only seems to apply when it’s convenient to further their cause. In fact, more abortions are what many of these extreme environmentalists want. A recent study published in Environmental Research Letters concluded that the biggest impact a person can have when it comes to fighting climate change is having one fewer child. This even ranked ahead of selling your car or eating a vegetarian diet. The message here appears to be “don’t have kids, and if you do, global warming might kill your baby, so you might as well not even try.”

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