Liberal judges are desperately trying to BLOCK undercover Planned Parenthood abortion videos

For those who are unaware, David Daleiden is a well-known anti-abortion activist and founder of the Center for Medical Progress, an organization that has been working to advance pro-life principles since 2013. Recently, Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress has come under fire for publishing videos on his website that show abortion executives discussing the sale of aborted baby parts, despite the fact that a judge had ordered a gag order on the recordings. Daleiden may now be held in contempt of court.

It was announced last week that Steve Cooley and Associates (SCA), former Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley, and former Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Brentford J. Ferreira will be defending Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress in court.

The footage that was posted on the Center for Medical Progress website was from the National Abortion Federation (NAF) conference. It showed abortion executives making horrifying comments about their personal experiences while performing abortions, and even joking about the procedure. At the beginning of the video, one Planned Parenthood medical director is seen speaking about “heads that get stuck” and the “hemorrhages that we manage.”

But as the video goes on, the comments only get worse. That same Planned Parenthood medical director later admits that the act of abortion is, in fact, murder. “Given that we might actually both agree that there’s violence in here, ask me why I come to work every day,” she is seen telling a panel. “Let’s just give them all the violence, it’s a person, it’s killing, let’s just give them all that.”

After that, a Planned Parenthood abortionist is seen complaining about how an unborn child is “a tough little object” and “very difficult to take apart.”

Yet another Planned Parenthood official later tells the panel about a time when “an eyeball just fell down into my lap, and that is gross.” The crowd laughs.

But as twisted and disturbed as these comments are, the ones who are facing legal issues aren’t those who describe fetuses as “tough little objects” or joke about baby eyes falling out; no, the troublemakers here are the people who exposed this evil in the first place. According to these judges, who are presumably left of center in their political beliefs and thoughts on abortion, admitting to murder is perfectly fine, but exposing those self-described murderers is not. (RELATED: Bag full of aborted baby parts falls off garbage truck… baby arms and legs “flung apart,” report witnesses)

It’s obvious to anyone with a moral compass that our society’s values have been flipped upside down and turned inside out. What was once wrong is now right, and what was once right is now wrong. But how did this happen? How did America go from a country rooted in Judeo-Christian principles to a country that now appears to be experiencing moral and ethical decay?

In a word, the answer is progressivism. For over a century now, the radical left has been slowly advancing an agenda that is designed to separate America from its founding principles of faith and virtue, while simultaneously implementing a powerful, centralized government.

With respect to the issue of abortion, the progressives have sought to “normalize” the procedure, and in effect desensitize the public to the gruesome harvesting and sale of aborted baby parts. In reality, however, there is nothing normal about it. The abortion industry and Planned Parenthood have become little more than government-funded slaughter houses, and the despicable mainstream media and left-wing judges are more than happy to defend them every step of the way. That is why we have a duty, not just as conservatives but as one people, to make our voices heard and always speak out for what is right.


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