Why the vaccine industry needs Planned Parenthood: A never-ending supply of fetuses for use in vaccines

Early last year, it was reported that Planned Parenthood was illegally profiting from selling aborted body parts. The Center for Medical Progress released an undercover video from inside Planned Parenthood that revealed the tricks and tactics used by the women’s health organization to illegally sell dismembered fetuses. Documents that were released just weeks later by a Congressional committee, went on to confirm the video’s claims.

In a research article published by Jessica Farnsworth in May of 2011, Farnsworth addresses the link between aborted fetuses and vaccine production, a relationship that leads one to conclude that the vaccine industry may in fact be largely reliant on Planned Parenthood. (RELATED: You’ll be in shock when you read this article about food corporations using fetal tissue).

As the study points out, past investigations reveal that abortion facilities that supply aborted fetuses to researchers are offered a fee by the research facilities so that the baby’s organs can be harvested immediately and on-site.

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Farnsworth begins her study by giving a detailed history of the use of aborted babies in vaccine research. “In the 1960s, Dr. Leonard Hayflick at the Wistar Institute located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania began working with aborted babies in an attempt to obtain human cell strains that would provide a culture medium for the growth of viruses,” her study explains.

Farnsworth continues, “Cell strains from fetal organs can multiply many times and provide a cell source for many decades, serving as an ideal culture medium due to their longevity. One aborted baby can be the source of a cell strain with a potential yield of about 20 million metric tons of cells, which can be stored frozen for many years.” (RELATED: You won’t believe what else aborted human fetuses are used for).

For decades, doctors and researchers have been developing cell lines from aborted fetuses. In 1964, for example, Dr. Leonard Hayflick successfully created a cell line from the lungs of an aborted 3-month old fetus. The cell line, which was named WI-38, is frequently used by pharmaceutical companies for vaccine production to this day.

Later in her study, Farnsworth lists the vaccines that use aborted fetal cells. Among them are vaccines for chickenpox, rubella, hepatitis A, rabies, smallpox and shingles.

In conclusion, Farnsworth gives her own personal opinion as to how people should respond to the use of fetal tissue in vaccines. She argues that people, especially Christians, should boycott the products in order to force pharmaceutical companies to produce vaccines in an ethical manner instead of using cells from aborted babies.

Most people who have seen the disturbing images of dismembered fetuses resting on blood-covered Petri dishes are able to reach the conclusion that the sale of tiny lungs, brains and limbs of babies for profit is a sick practice. The act of abortion is gruesome enough, given all of the twisted and unethical methods that are used, but to go ahead and sell the cut up remains of what once was a living and breathing form of life is borderline sociopathic.

There will come a day when Americans look back on the practice of abortion and the sale of fetal body parts and cringe. Future generations will question our sanity, and wonder what could have possibly compelled us to destroy innocent life.

The Declaration of Independence makes it clear in its Preamble that the federal government has the responsibility to defend Americans’ rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But the truth is, without the right to life, there would be no liberty and happiness to defend in the first place.

The basis of any decent and civil society has to do with how that society treats the most innocent forms of life; that is, the elderly, newborns and the unborn. Perhaps it’s time for our society to take a look in the mirror and reform our practices before we lose ourselves altogether.




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