Planned Parenthood not meeting safety standards, employees not washing hands after abortions

Pro-life activists are moving once again against the horrid abortion mill Planned Parenthood, targeting a clinic in Alabama after a number of alleged infection control violations and other serious offenses were uncovered.

As reported by Life News, Fr. Terry Gensemer, of CEC for Life, said at a recent press conference that his organization had documented some 15 pages of alleged violations at the local Planned Parenthood clinic during a state health inspection in September. He called Planned Parenthood a repeat offender and said the abortion mill has a long history of health and safety violations at the Birmingham facility.

“In 2010, this facility was placed on a year-long probation after failing to report cases of statutory rape,” he said, ticking off past violations. “In 2012, it was sued for negligence when their abortionist performed a surgical abortion on a woman with an ectopic pregnancy, rendering her infertile. In 2014, its own employees were caught selling abortifacients out of the parking lot.

“How many chances is ADPH willing to give this dangerous facility, and how many women will have to pay the price?” he continued. “This facility has shown no regard for the lives of their patients or the regulations of the state they wish to operate in. They should be shut down immediately, not given another free pass.” (RELATED: Mental Health Related Deaths Have Skyrocketed Over 50% In Last 3 Years – What’s Behind The Surge?)

During the September health inspection some of the more serious violations included staff not practicing good handwashing techniques in between abortions and other procedures and their failure to properly clean and sterilize instruments, Life News reported.

Also, CEC for Life said the clinic failed to determine whether five of its employees had ever been adequately screened Tuberculosis and Hepatitis B, as well as other highly infectious diseases.

“If Planned Parenthood can’t be trusted to sterilize surgical instruments or wash hands, it can’t be trusted at all – and it certainly shouldn’t be trusted with our tax dollars,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, an organization working with CEC for Life to permanently close the Birmingham facility. “The fact that this facility over a long period of time has never been able to comply with the law shows it is too dangerous to operate and should be shut down for good.”

None of this matters to Left-wing Democrats, who are prone to claim that Planned Parenthood is now some untouchable federal line item sucking up a half-billion dollars a year in taxpayer funding. As reported by The National Sentinel, Democrats treat it like an entitlement program no different than Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

One of the Left’s favorite excuses for continuing funding is that Planned Parenthood provides so many women’s health services to the poor and indigent. But in fact, as an undercover investigation by pro-life group Live Action revealed recently, staffers at a number of Planned Parenthood clinics around the country said they don’t do much prenatal care, and that ultrasounds are only offered to women who want an abortion.

And, of course, several ranking officials with Planned Parenthood were caught in an undercover sting by the Center for Medical Progress attempting to negotiate the sale of aborted fetal body parts, in a possible violation of federal law.

Another of the Left’s excuses to force taxpayers – including tens of millions who have moral and religious objections to abortion – to continue funding Planned Parenthood is that no government funds go directly to fund abortions. Okay. But those funds go to help pay rent and overhead expenses and other necessities that then free other funds Planned Parenthood receives that do go directly to abortions. So while “no taxpayer funding goes to abortions,” taxpayer funding goes to everything else so that the organization can use its other revenue streams for abortion. (RELATED: Religious Vaccine Exemptions Explode More Than 50% In New Jersey)

Same thing, really.

For decades Left-wing politicians and government bureaucrats have ensured that all taxpayers fund Planned Parenthood. But now that pro-life Republicans control Congress and Donald Trump is president, it’s possible they will move to finally take Planned Parenthood off the public dole and let it survive – or die off – on its own dime. It’s not an entitlement.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.


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