Gennifer Flowers claims Bill Clinton paid her to have an abortion

Monday, October 24, 2016 by

Bill Clinton’s former mistress Gennifer Flowers was recently interviewed by Breitbart.  During their exchange, she claimed that the former president paid $200 to abort his love child back in 1977. Flowers had a 12 year affair with Bill Clinton, which he first lied about, and then finally admitted to in a 1998 deposition. The affair started just three months after Bill and Hillary’s marriage began. Flowers says that Hillary knew all about the affair but her only concern was that Bill not embarrass her. — Great job Bill.

Flowers, a former local news reporter, provides new details about her abortion process. When Flowers first told Bill Clinton about the pregnancy, she was hoping he would get a divorce and be with her for the baby. She didn’t quite get the desired reaction from Bill, who said, “Well you know I will pay for an abortion.” Her heart sunk; the reality was that Clinton was a married man and had every intention of remaining one. Flowers felt unprepared to raise a child on her own so she decided to proceed with an abortion.

In 1977, Flowers was interviewing the woman running the abortion clinic because it was very controversial at the time. Flowers found out just after conducting the interview that she was pregnant and would need an abortion herself. She tried to arrange something  private to protect herself. “…When I drove into the clinic there were protesters. And I was afraid somebody was going to recognize me as a news reporter. And anyway, got inside and then at a point you know I had the procedure. And I was able to be alone in a room.”

Flowers speaks about the pain of abortion

“It was not only physically painful but it was very psychologically painful. Because I love him. And it was really psychologically a horrible thing to go through. I remember after the procedure was done I went into a room. I was sitting there and I just started sobbing and it seemed like the sobs came from my stomach and up. It was the deepest sobs that I’ve ever done. And anyway like I said it was a horrible experience in every way.

Flowers also went on to say that Hillary absolutely knew about the relationship. Bill would have her call Betsy Wright or mansion security to leave him a message. Messages about Flowers were relayed to Bill in front of Hillary, who was sick of hearing about Flowers and wanted it to stop. Bill told her that it would not stop and Hillary replied “Well, Just at least don’t embarrass me.”



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